Oct 15, 2009

Two Sweet Boys

There's nothing cuter than a chihuahua and more than one is double the fun. I adore my boys and would love to add a third little one to our family except my lap simply wouldn't be big enough to hold them all (it's barely big enough to hold these two) and since I'd rather not start eating myself larger simply to accommodate more little dogs, nor would it be fair to make one dog the odd man out when it comes to lap cuddling, with two I shall stay. For now.


Draco and his Mom said...

I love your boys too, I think Draco will end up looking like Edison when he fully matures. That is a good thing. I would like at least one more, but am torn between boy or girl right now.

Victoria said...

I desperately wanted a little girl and went to a breeder to meet a 3 mo old girl and Bram leaped into my arms before I had both feet through her front door and that was the end of my girl dreams! I was chosen again by another amazingly smart and affectionate little boy and there was nothing I could do about it! lol

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