Oct 25, 2009

Bram's First Birthday: Part Two

They may have been completely insane with the excitement of the presents and cake (they also like to "sing" when the cake comes out and all their humans sing too, by the way), but they were perfect little gentlemen when it came to wearing their birthday hats. Considering that they both tried on numerous occasions to eat the feathers out of them as I was making and fitting them to their tiny heads this past week, I have to say I was very pleased that they were considerate of one another's heads during cake. And that, of course, is the only reason why they weren't ripping the hats off of each other and eating them: there was a glowing cake sitting just inches from their faces and they weren't going to do anything to risk missing out on cake. They may be insane, but they aren't stupid.



Draco and his Mom said...

Those birthday caps are just too cute...are they made like the "newspaper" caps some of us made in our youth? I bet they were adorable singing.

Victoria said...

They ARE the same as newspaper caps- I thought the whole Curious George hat thing was cute. It's hard to come up with ideas to make new hats each birthday that will fit a chi and be different from the last ones. I should prabbaly start thinking now for Edison in March.

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