Oct 16, 2009

Pet Snapshot 3

I was in the bathroom yesterday blow drying my hair when I looked down to see Bram, as usual, into something he shouldn't be. In this case it was the toilet brush and plunger on the floor beside the toilet and he was licking them with gusto. I immediately said "leave it!" in the firmest dog owner voice I could muster and glared at him with what I felt was the sternest of countenances. I then picked him up to remove him from those nasty things. As I was giving him a very serious face to face scolding, he quickly leaned in to my face and gave me a very big wet kiss on both my lips and my tongue inside my open- and talking- mouth. So much for him thinking I was all business! It may have been ages since we used that plunger and I didn't even want to think about the brush that we use weekly, but my mind went into instant toilet-germs-in-my-mouth-panic overdrive, so I quickly set Bram down and dove for the sink, some hot water and some mouth disinfectant. Dog kisses are one thing, but toilet flavored dog kisses are quite another. Thank you, Bram!


Draco and his Mom said...

Hahahahaha...I have been the recipiant of a chihuahua kiss after Draco has been out hunting in the yard...I detected a faint scent of grasshopper on his breath.

Victoria said...

Grasshoppers I could do, dirty toilet brush? Not so much! lol

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