Oct 30, 2009

Happy Halloween

Edison Jack as Merlin

Bram Ebenezer as Robin Hood

The boys are all ready for the doorbell to start ringing tomorrow night as they love to greet the trick or treaters who come calling for candy. Edison decided to go as Merlin for Halloween because he likes the idea of having all that power, especially over Bram. He has a chihuahua-sized magic wand (that isn't visible in the photo) and a little drawstring pouch on his back that contains a vast amount of royal blue and black "magic dust" which will enable him to cast all the spells his tiny heart desires. Bram wanted to go as Robin Hood because he has loads of energy and loves everyone and everything. His little drawstring pouch contains 15 "gold" coins that jingle when he walks and that will give him enough money to buy, in the various villages he passes through, all the essentials he'll need for his journey.

Both boys want to wish everyone a very happy and safe (and a teensy bit spooky too) Halloween!


Draco and his Mom said...

Great costumes...they both look adorable. Hope you all had a great halloween.

Victoria said...

We did! Did you and Draco have a good one too? Hope so!

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