Mar 3, 2010

Vintage Chihuahua

I can't imagine what's out of frame to the right that could possibly be more interesting to this chihuahua than this woman's hairdo. Personally, I can't take my eyes off of it.

Photo courtesy of spurmark on flickr.


Draco and his Mom said...

Hello 1960's. I am ashamed to say that I "ratted" my hair to those heights when I was a teen. Priscilla Presley was my idol hahaha. Good thing I now let my hair hang more casually. My MOM however, she still teases her hair into a see through mound on top of her head.

Victoria said...

I missed that era for myself personally, but I had some female relatives with some pretty high hair. I also remember my mom going out to special parties and coming home from the salon with an enormously teased head of hair. lol

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