Mar 21, 2010

Edison's Birthday Bash Part II

The toys may be fun as hell, but nothing beats cake and the boys always get their own little cake to share (even though they barely make a dent in it before mommy tosses it- tiny tummies musn't overdo it). This year's cake was a white layer cake with vanilla buttercream icing and a lemon custard filling over which the boys went berserk, as any self-respecting dog would.

And once again, they came to the table dressed to party. It was rather rudely pointed out to me by a certain family member that this year's theme appears to be "gay cowboy" and while you might get that impression by looking at these photos, you'd be wrong. The theme was 'an ode to spring" (since Edison's birthday falls on the equinox, give or take a day or so), thus the straw hats with the hand painted flowers and whimsical hat bands. 'And the matching feathered boas?' you may well be asking. Sure, they may seem a bit flamboyant, but that's just my boys embracing their feminine sides as they express their joy at it finally not being a cold, gray winter anymore.

Happy birthday Edison Jack, and may you have a million more wonderful years!!!!

1 comment:

Draco and his Mom said...

Happy Birthday are such a handsome boy...with or without a boa....Yay for sunshine and birthday treats.

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