Mar 9, 2010

Mrs. Nesbitt

Griffin has a new bedroom roommate and her name is Mrs. Nesbitt, also known as Nezzie. He was feeling rather down this past weekend so his girlfriend treated him to a guinea pig, as well as all the necessary accoutrements for said guinea pig. But it's never just the animal, is it? There are all the "other things" that the one small creature needs: the cage, the bedding, the food, the requisite hamster ball (or in this case, guinea pig ball) so she can travel about our house in the safety of a hard plastic orb, special treats, a small house, and toys. The guinea pig was on sale, which was wonderful. Everything else? Full price, naturally.

After spending some time meeting and greeting all the various rodents available, he chose Mrs. Nesbitt, not only because she was a very docile little lady (whereas all the other girls in the large cage were waging full-on war against one another) but because when Griffin had said he'd like to see the little gray one, the employee at the pet store said that he was the first and only person to ever show any interest in her in the few months she had been there. Apparently her ruby eyes were off-putting to literally everyone before him, something we both find really odd and very sad. From the get-go, he and Mrs. Nesbitt got on with one another like a house on fire. When a guinea pig bonds with a human, it whistles when it sees its favorite person and this behavior usually takes some time to develop, but Mrs. Nesbitt was chirping, cooing and singing to Griffin within moments.

There is nothing quite so satisfying, when one is feeling something missing from their life, in adding a new warm, furry creature, be it big or small. It fills the heart with joy and makes both the human and the hairy one more than content. And to keep things as joyous as they've been for these last five days, all I need to do is to keep Edison away from Mrs. Nesbitt. He isn't quite so smitten with our new family member and has been something of a little bully. After all, there isn't much in this world that is smaller than a chihuahua and being bigger than Mrs. Nesbitt clearly makes him feel quite large himself.

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Catahoulagirl said...

I adore Mrs. Nesbitt!! Nothing says love such as the guinea pig songs. When I was young mine would sing really loud when I was later than my curfew. My mom loved it, I would always whisper with love, "Bad GP, Bad!"

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