Apr 23, 2010

Photo Contest

Several weeks ago I was invited to enter a photo of my boys into a contest for beloved animals, and the photo that the organizers had requested was one of Edison and Bram dressed in their spring finery for Edison's birthday, complete with flowered cowboy hats and boas. And although I'm not at all ungrateful for the invitation, had I entered on my own, that particular picture wouldn't have been my choice of photo.

So I entered my silly photo and then promptly forgot all about the contest until I received an email letting me know that the voting had ended and who had won. And guess what? Nope! My boys didn't win. In fact, they got a whopping five whole votes throughout the entire entry and judging period. That's right, you read that correctly: exactly five people on the entire planet voted for Edison and Bram.

But we don't mind one bit, do we boys? No, we don't, and that's because the photo that won and took home all the prizes more deserved the win, as you can clearly see above. And unbelievable-over-the-top-baby-bunny-cuteness aside, the story behind the photo is just as lovely. That little wild bunny had been seriously hurt by a cat and the woman who took the photo had rehabilitated her and then successfully released her back into the wild. That's a blue ribbon win any day, if you ask me.

"Sweet Dreams" courtesy of Rhonda Woods via STORYBRUSH.


Draco and his Mom said...

I would have voted for your two sweeties. The little bunny sure looks sweet though.

Victoria said...

The little bunny is beyond adorable and much cuter than two chihuahuas in drag, lol.

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