Apr 20, 2010

Farm Sanctuary

The Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, New York does wonderful work to save livestock and poultry from unwanted and abused lives. Years ago, when we first heard of them, David and I gave Griffin and a couple of other people fun little gifts from Farm Sanctuary. You'd donate a certain amount of money (at the time it was perhaps $15 a bird) to save a turkey's life at the holidays and in return you'd get a glossy photo of a specific turkey you had sponsored along with a little card with the bird's name and the story of how it came to be a resident in Watkins Glen. We thought they were great, as did Griffin, who insisted on putting his bird photo in a frame and displaying it on his night table. But the other people we had gifted with them were less than thrilled. In fact, one person snorted outright and cast it all instantly aside (nice manners).

Still, the Farm does wonderful things for countless animals and opens their doors to walking tours, retreats and conferences. And with a second shelter farm now open in California, they can save even more unlucky animals and bring their message of compassion to far more people. Both farms are located in idyllic country settings and if you're considering paying a day visit, are more than worth the trip. If you love animals, take a peek at Farm Sanctuary and all that their immensely big hearts have to offer, and if you're feeling especially generous, make a donation to help them in their work.

Photo courtesy of Farm Sanctuary.


Draco and his Mom said...

Those are some cute little piggies. Growing up on a farm I was exposed to the not so nice side of growing animals for food. Mom sheltered us as much as she could, but our farm animals, pigs, cows and chickens all eventually made it to our dinner table. We were never "mean" to our charges, but they had a specific purpose.

Victoria said...

Farm life I can handle, it's the folks who abuse their animals that drive me to insanity. Slaughtering for food is one thing (I'm not a vegetarian) but mistreating them or not caring for them while they're alive is quite another story. And I'm jealous of you: I'd have loved to grow up on a farm! :}

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