Apr 27, 2010

Be Kind To Animals Week

The American Humane Society's "Be Kind to Animals" Week is just a few days away, May 2-8. The annual event was first created in 1915 as a way to encourage general compassion towards animals, but over time has become so much more. Every year, animal shelters throughout the country work during this time-honored week to raise awareness about animals in our homes and communities and to celebrate the unique bond between humans and animals. "Be Kind to Animals Week" is now one of the oldest special week-long observances in the United States.

While most of us adore our animals and ensure they live like royalty every day of their lives, there are so many more animals who are not so fortunate. If you're planning on adding another little furry baby to your family, why not pick a shelter cat or a dog rather than seeking out a breeder? Donate money or time to a local shelter, or even pet food or fleece blankets. And if these things aren't possible for you, you can express your love of animals by doting on your own babies a bit more than usual. Spend more quality time with your pet if your schedule is usually very busy, make sure your dog is microchipped so you can ensure their safe return to you should you be separated while out, and spay or neuter your pet so they live a longer and healthier life (as well as curbing the insane animal population explosion). Even a quiet moment sharing some treats together is a wonderful bonding experience. And you can also honor wild animals as simply as planting flowers that will attract birds and butterflies to your garden, making sure feeders are always filled, and driving very carefully (especially at night as this is when most animals are hit by passing cars).

By being compassionate and mindful in all we do, we can easily make every week "Be Kind to Animals Week" in our own little corners of the world.

Many thanks to indexjournal.com and americanhumane.org.
Photo courtesy of amyboemig on flickr.

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