Feb 20, 2010

Another Vintage Chihuahua Manual

Another vintage chihuahua owner's manual, this one with one very worried little dog on the cover. It seems to me that if I were the editor of these books, I'd try to pick the most inviting looking, emotionally stable and happy little dogs to grace my book covers. Yet so far we've seen two obviously retarded chis and now a terrified one that looks as if it can't wait to get the hell away from all humans. Hmm...I'm sensing a rather unfortunate pattern here.

Photo courtesy (once again) of Painter Girl on flickr.


Draco and his Mom said...

You made me chuckle with your post this time. I agree that those chihuahuas do look very unhappy. Perhaps the child kept pinching the unfortunate pupster.

Victoria said...

Aren't they just HORRIBLE photos?? It isn't possible that chis were THAT UGLY just a generation ago, is it? lol

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