Jan 31, 2010

Chicken Clothes

Apparently a group of Austrian and Japanese clothing designers have decided that chickens are no different than cats and dogs in that they too should have little coats and outfits to keep them warm and allow them to strut their stuff in style. And with that idea burning a hole in their collective brains, the clothing line known as 'Chicken Clothes' was born. I delight in dressing up my dogs in cute clothes, I own a small barn full of chickens (and ducks), and to be honest I do think these photos are cute as hell. After all, who wouldn't find a chicken in a tiny fur coat adorable? But would I actually dress up my birds in little track suits and furs? No. Do I think this is a good idea that will catch on so well that pet boutiques around the world will be unable to keep these chicken clothes on the shelves and keep up with the demand? No comment.

Photos courtesy of golberz.com.

1 comment:

Draco and his Mom said...

HAHAHA At first I thought the first picture was just a strange breed of chicken...until I looked really close. My brother in law actually did have 2 hens as pets for the longest time. Don't think he would have be tempted to dress them up though...dinner on the other hand would frequently cross his mind...(They did die natural deaths, and did not end up on the dinner table)

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