Jul 27, 2009

Walkies at Wellesley

Bram last week in a much drier state. If I had only brought my camera with me today.

Today was such a kick-ass beautiful (though perhaps a mite too hot) day that we decided to take the boys to Wellesley College for a stroll around the campus. Edison is very fearful of water, but Bram adores it, and since this was Bram's first time walking there, we thought he'd enjoy the boat ramp at Lake Waban which is within the college's 500 acres. Sure enough, Edison tiptoed down the ramp only to stop just before his tiny toes touched even so much as a drop of water, while Bram steam-rollered right down the ramp and in up to his shoulders. In an attempt to see if Bram would go in deeper if I went out a bit further, I balanced on the small concrete wall down one side of the ramp as I was too lazy to take off my sneakers so I could actually walk in the water myself. Sure enough, that was enticement enough for Bram, but rather than walk further down the ramp into deeper water, he hopped up onto the wall with me and then in a split second had leaped over it and into the water on the outside of the wall. He was one startled little boy when he suddenly realized that this water was far deeper than that on the ramp. I had to fish a very wet and stinky little chihuahua out of the pond and the mess of algae he was swimming in. You'd think that would have been enough water for Bram for one day, but no. About a half hour or so later he attempted to dive into the frog pond after all the bullfrogs lazing on the enormous Monet-esque water lilies, only to be pulled back to the shore before he had gotten any further than his front feet.

Two little boys were very tired after their long walk. Edison needed to be carried the last half mile or so as his tiny tank had already run dry (he's such a delicate little flower of a dog) but Bram was still going strong till long after we returned home when he finally dropped into a deep sleep.

And then there were cooling baths for both: for one simply because it was a hot day and we thought it would be refreshing and for the other because he smelled a little too swampy for anyone with a working nose.

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