Jul 25, 2009

This Company Cares

Proctor and Gamble and Dawn dishwashing liquid have been involved in saving wildlife for decades. Dawn has been the soap of choice to wash birds that have been covered in oil due to off shore spills, and the company has been a huge contributor to the International Bird Rescue Research Center (IBRRC), both financially and with free product. The reason that Dawn is used to clean injured birds and sea wildlife is because it's so kick-ass at pulling oil from saturated feathers (remember all those early ads showing the housewife with the giant roasting pans caked in grease and crud and even though she had done all the other dishes first, Dawn was still powerful enough to clean those? Dawn: takes grease out of your way!) and it's safe for both the birds and the humans cleaning them. Mild and non-irritating. Smells pretty nice too.

Well, now Dawn is going one step further. For every bottle of Dawn dishwashing soap you buy, Proctor and Gamble will donate one dollar to the IBRRC and the Marine Mammal Center up to $500,000. How cool is that? Pretty damn cool, especially in this era when so many are doing their part to save the planet and all its precious life, while certain big businesses continue to not give a shit what they harm.

Here's the link where you can read up on the program as well as learning where you need to go to activate that dollar donation once you've bought your bottle of soap to help.


As the company itself says: Make a difference with Dawn.

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