Feb 9, 2009

Dog Worship

Last night a friend who is an amazing and successful dog trainer told the story of how in her previous incarnation as an ordained minister she felt that she had been temporarily dyslexic when she had heard her calling. That it wasn’t God she should have heard, but Dog. But in reality, isn’t Dog God? Oftentimes, Dog is more God in our everyday lives than God himself.

Dogs are truly Divine. They are gentle spirits. Dog Nature is perfect, non-violent, instinctual, trusting and wise. It’s man that destroys that perfection with his own (often evil) agenda. Dogs love unconditionally and with a pure heart. A dog will never intentionally hurt, even when hurt himself. Dogs are the embodiment of compassion. They listen and they obey. Dogs honor their humans every single day and are never too tired or selfish to not do so. They are devotion incarnate. Dogs never leave unless they are sent away. They are loyal unto death.

Dog Nature is Buddha Nature. Dogs always live in the present moment, never the past nor the future. Dogs comfort the sick, bring a childlike joy to the elderly and a bit of the outside world to those shut inside. They bring a pure happiness to the sorrowful and the depressed. Dogs are companions to the lonely, giving selflessly of their time and love. Dogs are eyes for the blind and ears for the deaf. They are salvation to many a human who cannot exist without Dog. Dogs embody the Divine in funny, four-legged, tail-wagging packages. Look into a dog’s trusting eyes and I dare you to not see the Divine looking back up at you with a perfectly loving, liquid gaze. It's there. Trust me.

And as to my friend, if you ask me, she is still ministering in the name of God and doing it far more effectively than she did inside a church with humans. She honors her God every day by honoring Dog, by loving countless dogs and bringing them balance. She sees their perfect Dog Nature and gently nurtures it until it blooms for all to see. She helps them to find their True Dog Spirit and guides them to become the creatures they were when they began their journey in this life: divine perfection in a furry body.

Dog is God is Dog.

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