Jan 26, 2009

A Cat for the Rich and Famous

I was recently watching a show about cats and cat breeds and was intrigued by a breed called the Savannah, which is a cat that comes from breeding a wild Serval cat with a domesticated cat to get a beautifully marked, very large cat that maintains a great deal of its wild traits, including a chatty growl and hiss that sounds like a wild leopard making conversation. The cats are usually in the area of 16-22 inches tall and nearly as long in length. Their spots are intense and their personalities are intriguing: playful, strong, athletic, feisty. I thought that if I ever got another cat (which is probably not going to happen, given my allergy to Maia Louise), I would get a Savannah for the sheer exotic joy of owning a cat the size of a dog and with a kick-ass personality to boot. I knew they’d be expensive, but I was stunned by the actual figures. The average cat costs around $6,000, and the price tag for one cat can reach as far as $20,000 for an especially well-bred specimen. So much for getting a Savannah. I love animals more than anything else on this planet, but if I were to ever have an extra $20,000 laying around, the very last thing I would be spending it on is a cat. A dog, maybe. But a cat? Never.

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