Apr 4, 2011

Edison's Fourth Birthday

Despite all the stress of the last few weeks, I did manage to take a little time to celebrate Edison's fourth birthday on the 21st of last month. I can't believe my little man is this old- sadly, time flies by far too quickly in our little ones' lives. Lack of time prevented me from making them more intricate party hats this time around, so the boys were forced to wear simple clown cones made of iridescent paper, but with the addition of some bright blue marabou trim to jazz them up a bit. The boys enjoyed a tiny homemade blueberry cake and shared some spring-themed gifts, including a crocheted squirrel holding a large (also crocheted) acorn. And no holiday would be complete without a new catnip mouse for Bram, who prefers small cat toys to all others and has quite an impressive collection of mice. This latest one is a bright sky blue one that is morbidly obese, quite unfortunate for the little fellow as due to his enormous belly, his tiny feet come no way near to touching the ground. Happy birthday once again my little man!

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