Jan 22, 2011

Two Chunky Sweaters

Despite my lingering vertigo-type virus, I've managed to finish these two super chunky turtlenecks for my boys just in time for an insanely cold arctic blast due to hit tonight. When it goes into the low minuses for the next few days, the little men will be sitting pretty (and cozy) in their uber-thick but very soft lambswool sweaters. I made Edison's first and discovered when I put it on Bram to see if I could get away with the same size and stitch count, that Brammo's head almost completely disappeared inside the large turtleneck, thus some adjustments were made to the pattern and chubby, shorter-necked Bram got a sweater he could wear without needing a periscope to see up and out the top. I had hoped to put some gorgeous sea green and blue buttons on them to tie the two together subtly in a colorwise way, but was very unhappy with the way they looked sewn on. Love the sweaters, love the buttons, but together? Not so much. But even unadorned, these sweaters still rock and so do my handsome men inside them. Bring on the chill, baby! Bring it on!


Draco and his Mom said...

Love the boys sweaters...I just taught myself to knit and made Draco a sweater but it is not in one piece...did you follow a pattern or just make it up as you went along. They are very nice.

Victoria said...

I followed a pattern but modified it to work for my boys' bodies, as well as added a turtleneck as it looked better than the original pattern. I'm not a great knitter, just learning so I'm taking baby steps myself. These are two pieces too- the tummy is sewn onto the back. I think it doesn't show as the yarn is so chunky.

The pattern was a free one on Lion Brand Yarn's website.

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