Dec 30, 2010

Meat? Yes! Fur? No!

I was shopping at my local butcher shop on a very chilly day when my 'meat man' asked me if the fur ear flap hat I was wearing was real fur. When I told him no, it's a very realistic-looking fake, he winked at me and said, "That's good, because no animals are ever harmed in this place." And while it was all very amusing, and we both had a chuckle, it got me to thinking about what exactly my belief system is and where I draw the line.

I'm horrified at any animal cruelty of any kind and yet I eat meat. Most meat, at any rate. I refuse to eat veal as the way veal calves are treated appalls me. And I don't eat lamb as the thought of eating a darling spring lamb is equally upsetting to me. Yet I have no trouble eating beef, chicken or pork and it isn't as though I don't find the creatures from which those meats originate unpleasing, nor that I'm not bothered by the slaughter of those animals because I am. And still I eat some portion of them just about every single day.

I'm repulsed by real fur. The torture those animals endure and the ridiculous amount of lives and pelts it takes to create a single coat or hat makes my blood run cold, yet I wear leather shoes and boots, pigskin gloves and I even own a leather coat. Is tanning a hide any less evil than skinning a mink or chinchilla?

As I stood there at the meat counter expressing my horror at wearing a real fur hat, collecting my steaks and pork chops, feet tucked snugly into my toasty sheepskin boots, I realized with a certain amount of disgust that I am a complete hypocrite when it comes to my commitment to animal rights. And as sad as it makes me, I'm not sure I'm prepared to change my present habits. That's bad, isn't it?


Draco and his Mom said...

I am a carnivore and would be very unhappy if I were forbidden the most excellent prime rib or the lowly cheeseburger. Our purses and shoes and other animal products are in my opinion, honoring the animal, much like the America Indians did with the buffalo. We don't just take the meat and waste the rest. To kill an animal just for its fur is cruel. Your post really made me think. Thank You
Happy New Year.

Victoria said...

It's made me think too and I'm not sure I like the way I do things. That said, I'm also not sure I'm ready or willing to change so I'm left feeling pretty stinky about myself right now.

On a happier note: I hope you, Draco and your family had a safe and happy new year!!! Peace!

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