Sep 27, 2010

Glorious Greyhounds

The other day I was talking with a couple of friends about greyhounds and how utterly magnificent they are. There's nothing quite so regal as a long and lean greyhound mincing along (or better still: running like the wind). Years ago, when Griffin was young, we looked into adopting a retired racing greyhound but for reasons I can no longer remember, and despite meeting several lovely canine candidates, we never did adopt one. There's a brindle female who lives in my neighborhood who I secretly covet and there's a pair of tiny silver Italian greyhounds who live on the other side of town that I also am wildly smitten with. I watch for them every time I find myself driving in their area. Were those two ever seen being walked by a tiny, decrepit and very weak-looking old lady, I would be out of my car in a flash and knocking her butt to the sidewalk while I made off with those little darlings. Unfortunately, their owner happens to be one very buff, very burly gym rat who looks like he eats girls my size for a midday snack. Alas, my love of this breed will remain (for now) from afar.

Portrait of Cody courtesy of kimw_01 on flickr.
Photo of Nell at the beach courtesy of bredlo on flickr.


Draco and his Mom said...

I love greyhounds also. My sister in Florida has 4 Italians. She calls them the "spaghetti cowboys"
They are very loving little canines that are even more "attaching" to humans than our precious chihuahuas.

Victoria said...

I'm jealous of her "spaghetti cowboys'!! One day I'm going to satisfy my need for a greyhound, especially a tiny italian one.

Brad said...

That grey in the black coat belongs to us. "Nell" as she's now called, is the nicest, most refined dog I've ever known.

I'll link you to a more recent photo of her with her sister, "Nina". A little wiser and older, but our same sweet girl.

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