Aug 16, 2010

Horse Farm

I love horses and have since I was a little girl (after all, what girl doesn't?) and the horse farm up the road from my house is one of my favorite places to be. All of the horses are beautiful, but I am especially partial to a dark dapple gray with a blonde tail. While there are several dapples on the farm, this one particular stallion is simply gorgeous and makes my heart skip a beat every time I see him grazing in one of the fields. If I was ever going to steal a horse, he'd be the one I abscond with. And while you may think this is just talk, be forewarned: I come from a long line of 18th and 19th century horse thieves, so it's in my blood. If you find me suddenly and inexplicably gone from this blog, you'll know exactly where I've gone: off into hiding with that beautiful, beautiful horse (and my boys) to live happily ever after.

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