May 25, 2010

Field trip

The boys took a weekend field trip to one of their all-time favorite places: the nursery. They love to sniff every single plant in the place, watch the tiny toy train running along its track through the plants, and hop up onto the flat stones that line the decorative koi ponds to watch the fish and frogs swimming in and out of the lily pads. They love to take the Zen walk along the paths through the pine trees, where everything is cool and quiet, and then they like to head back to where the action is and bark, loudly and furiously, at all the other dogs who are also spending some quality time shopping for plants with their humans. But the main attraction for the boys is the goats who live at the nursery. Bram especially goes berserk when he rounds the corner to the goats' digs and if you don't keep a tight hand on his leash, will even tear through the tiny gap under the fence and go right in with them (naughty boy!). The goats are equally as interested in the boys too, bending down low to get face to face with them, utterly intrigued by these two odd little creatures. It was too bad the day was so chilly and windy. Had it been warm it would have been perfect. Oh well, at least the boys got to look smashingly adorable in their matching stripey turtleneck sweaters with the pom-pommed butts.

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