Apr 26, 2009

Flower Shopping

The gardens are just beginning to show signs of life and you know what that means: the first of countless trips to our local nursery for plants, grasses and other delightful things. Edison loves to go there, which is a good thing, since we go there dozens and dozens of times throughout the growing season, but today was Bram's first visit and he loved it. But then, how could he not love a place that has oodles of smelly little things to climb in and out of, and around and around them as well, water features full of tiny fish and frogs, and of course, Edison's (and now Bram's) favorite part of each trip: a visit to the goats. Bram was so into it that you could hear him barking at the goats for miles in all directions. And of course, Edison and Bram were the stars of the show with just about everyone they passed crouching down to say hello to them and give them some pats and tell them how freakin' cute they are (as if they didn't already know this themselves).

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